What sustainability means to us

As evidenced by the naming of our company after our surname and the area our ancestors emigrated from, we care about our heritage. Thankfully, Holland has a rich heritage in sustainability (think wind power and bicycles). In fact, one of the biggest names in food sustainability, the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), comes from the Netherlands, and the goals we espouse come from the Sustainable Vanilla Initiative (SVI). 

We believe that when our suppliers are successful we are successful. Our relationship with our vendors, the farmers, is therefore inherently symbiotic. 

While sustainability starts with how, where, and with whom we source our products, it ends with how we package and ship them

  • We ship our beans in reusable/recyclable glass bottles
  • Instead of shipping our beans in plastic, we employ re-usable bottle stoppers
  • Instead of bubble-wrap, we wrap our bottles in recycled cardboard