Excellent quality
These were softest and supple beans we ever purchased. We’ve searched aroundfor high quality vanilla beans now the search is over. Thanks for a great product.

Vanilla is awesome!
Once I switched to this vanilla paste, I definitely will never go back to another brand or extract! The smell is intoxicating, and the taste is divine. This company definitely knows their vanilla!

Super simple, directions right on the front of the bottle.
Magic Beans!
My 1st foray using vanilla paste - no need to look further buy this one!
Nothing about product I don't like - I use this very liberally in ANY product with vanilla extract as an ingredient. Remember, it doesn't have to be thick as mud to be a quality paste - this product is a delicious and delightful WINNER. Cheered me up in this pandemic time, and this will be a constant item in my ingredient cabinet! 1st time 🤍trying it but will never be without it👍❤️👏in the future. Thank you; well packaged product arrived safely and is VERY giftable!
The Best!!!!
Just received these beans today! They were soft and fresh. When I opened my Amazon package, I could smell the vanilla before I even opened the package from the seller. As I was prepping my extract, the pods were so full of the vanilla seeds. If you're looking for excellent vanilla beans, these are the ones! You won't regret it!
Fresh and Fragrant
Fresh with great aroma. I used them to make homemade vanilla flavoring.
Great Quality and Value
These look so plump and smell AHHHMAZING! I'm using them to make homemade vanilla extract to give as Christmas time.
I will ONLY purchase from this company from now on!! The vanilla beans are plump, long, well packaged, & high QUALITY!!